Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Instructional Technology? 

The Instructional Technology team is made up of ten certified classroom teachers who enjoy working with educators to integrate technology into instruction. The team has close to 100 years combined in educational experiences ranging from K5 classroom teachers to administrators.


2. How is Instructional Technology different from ETS? 

The focus of Instructional Technology is academics and curriculum. Our goal is to teach teachers how to integrate technology effectively. The ETS department works solely with the technical components of classroom equipment. For example, an ETS technician can repair a malfunctioning Promethean Board, when an Instructional Technology team member cannot.


3. What are the responsibilities of Instructional Technology? 

The mission statement of Instructional Technology is Teachers Growing Teachers. This makes training teachers how to incorporate technology to motivate and increase student achievement the primary responsibility of Instructional Technology. In addition, the team handles technology proficiency, Compass Odyssey, and PowerTeacher.


4. What types of training can Instructional Technology provide for my school? 

Research supports continuous and focused professional development on one technology tool. For this reason, we encourage schools to create yearlong professional development plans which provide time for teachers to practice and implement technology tools effectively. 

For more information, our professional development catalog can be found here: Instructional Technology Professional Development Catalog 2017-2018


5. How can I find out what types of technology workshops are available in the district? 

All available technology workshops are posted on the GCSD portal.


6. How can I request a workshop for my school? 

Email to request a specific workshop or discuss recommended training options for your school.


Photo credits: Matt Smitth. Used under Creative Commons license