Hughes Academy Shines at Special Olympics Basketball

On Feb. 10, 2017, Brooke Icenhour’s class, took part in the Special Olympics at the Cleveland YMCA. The event lasted the whole school day, and was basketball themed. Icenhour explained that schools from all over South Carolina participated and hundreds of students were there. They played a three on three game of basketball and had other individual activities with dribbling, passing, and shooting. This special day was a fun day for the students, teachers, and volunteers. This was a great opportunity for the Special Olympics to be able to participate in sports as well. The idea of this event is to allow the students with intellectual disabilities to participate in sporting events just like everybody else. Special Olympics not only did that, but also made it indisputably fun and enjoyable.


Takwon Rucker, one of Icenhour’s students, explained that he was quite fond of the event. Rucker enjoyed seeing his fellow peers come out of their shell and have a fun time. “Some of the people that normally don’t play basketball, start scoring the best while playing,” Rucker discloses. Rucker also felt like he could be himself and have fun. The event in a whole was an undeniably great experience. This occasion was such a success that Hughes Academy will be participating in another Special Olympics in the upcoming months.


This event was to allow the Special Olympics to be able to be themselves and have a non-judgmental environment. Kids were able to have fun and be around people who care about them. It was an great experience for everyone who participated. Towards the end of the event, Rucker had a very big honor as  “he said the Athletes Oath for Greenville County,” as Icenhour explained. Rucker was humbled by being chosen and will have the shining memory for the rest of his life.​

Posted: 3/8/2017 | Author: Kylee C.