Raise Craze Update

This year during Raise Craze students from all grades did acts of kindness to raise money for the school. When asked why the school did this for students Michelle Batson-Curd said “The purpose of Raize Craze is to get students to do kind acts of service while also helping out the school.”


Some of the acts students did were making dog toys and cat blankets for the Humane Society and also organizing food drives for families in need.


The total amount of money raised for the school was $18,371.50 with James Barfield raising the most money. Sixth grade came in first place with the most amount of money raised, eighth in second, and seventh in third.


Seventh grade had the most acts of service coming in first place with two hundred seventy nine acts of service. Eleanor McMakin did the most acts of service out of the grade and school with one hundred three acts of service, Sixth grade came in second place with two hundred thirty-two acts of service, Anna Grace Rafalski did the most acts out of the grade. Lastly, Eighth grade came in third with one hundred eighteen acts in service with Quashanna Tobar with the most acts of service out of the whole grade. In total students completed six hundred twenty nine acts of service.


Students also sent out emails as another way to help raise money for the school. Students that sent out at least fifteen emails were given a reward. In sixth grade both Evelynn Sison and Andrew Myers sent fifteen emails. Seventh grader Camilla Acevedo sent forty three emails, and eighth grader Josiah Bamberg sent thirty five. In total 1551 emails were sent by 482 students that were registered, which is about 50 percent of the school.


When eighth grade student Alexis Gantt was asked what she thought about the fundraiser this year, she said, "I thought that it was a cool and different way to raise money."


Overall Raise Craze this year for Hughes Academy was a success for the school and students and will be for years to come.

Posted: 1/19/2017 | Author: Zaria J.