Switching Grades

At Hughes sometimes teachers have to switch from the grades they were originally placed in. For instance Mrs. Luchies taught sixth grade Social Studies last year and this year she’s teaching eighth grade Social Studies.

Switching grades isn’t always an easy task though. Ms. George a now eighth grade teacher taught seventh grade last year. Both grades have very different schedules than each other. She stated “ the hardest part about switching grades is getting use to the new routine”. Both teachers agreed that them switching grades was a good thing so far. Ms. George thinks that it’s good she got to follow the kids she taught last year because she doesn’t have to start from scratch with them. Although Mrs. Luchies didn’t get to follow her last year's students, she thinks it’s good to start over and meet new students with new personality’s.Some teachers actually switch grades because they’d rather teach the same subject but different topic. According to Mrs. Luchies she switched from sixth grade to eighth because she’d rather teach eighth grade Social Studies than sixth. She stated “ I’d rather teach Colonial History than World History because I like it more.”

Posted: 10/3/2016 | Author: Matayia A.