Dropping The Bass In Baucom’s Class

If you are a Hughes Academy student who has an interest in computers, technology, and a love for music, then Mr. Baucom’s electronic music course is the class for you! With the rise in popularity of dubstep and electronic dance music, this class made a great addition to our school’s curriculum. Hughes Academy’s band teacher, Mr Baucom, is the perfect instructor for this modern music class. “Teaching electronic music comes with the need to understand music fundamentals,” says Mr. Baucom. “Note lengths and note values in music relate to the software when using the piano function mostly. Also, understanding how different voices can work together to make up a song is useful,” he added. In band and electronic music the same fundamentals are shared, and melodies and note lengths are discussed in both classes.

The electronic music course begins with an introduction to Fl Studio software. Basic knowledge of the computer is beneficial to taking this class. “Students that have little to no musical background can be successful in electronic music, however those with a more fundamental knowledge move more smoothly while navigating the FL Studio software,” according to Mr. Baucom. This software allows the student to edit music, add special sound effects, and even make their owns songs. The students learn how to add effects to instruments and vocals. Fl studio has a large number of effects, from the classic piano to the alien ray gun. At the end of the course, the student has the opportunity to use all that they have learned over the semester and submit their own song for a final grade.

Currently electronic music is only being offered to the eighth grade students. If you are creative and enjoy using technology and are interested in learning music fundamentals, and further explore writing melodies and remixing current songs with a variety of sound effects, then electronic music may be a great fit. With EDM and dubstep becoming increasingly popular, hopefully Hughes Academy will expand on the current class and offer additional courses related to producing and composing music. Learning to mix tracks, integrate effects, and compose music could lead to a unique and exciting career that many of Hughes Academy’s students would be interested in learning about. Mr.Baucom’s electronic music class is a gateway to learning more about these exciting fields.

Posted: 9/30/2016 | Author: Grayson M.