Sixth Grade Reading Contest

Preparing for MAP testing, sixth grade is currently taking part in a reading competition. Before or after lunch, students read articles and answer questions based on their Lexile levels for 25 minutes. These are graded by teachers on a daily basis and the scores are put on a Google Spreadsheet. Caroline Bohnenberger, the sixth grade administrator, says, “I monitor the spreadsheet daily and place the class scores on the Reading Competition boards located on the sixth grade hallway.”

In hopes of encouraging students to work their hardest, the class on each team that scores the highest is able to eat outside on Fridays. “We are hoping that the competition encourages students to read to the best of their ability but also allows the students to practice reading passages similar to what they may see on upcoming state tests,” says Bohnenberger. Each student is given a goal to reach on their MAP test by their literature teacher. If the student reaches their goal, they will be rewarded with eating lunch outside for one week, with a treat provided by Carrie McCain and Bohnenberger. Keep reading sixth grade!

Posted: 3/7/2016 | Author: Grace H.