Welcome Mr. Coggins

Many new teachers have joined the cougar family this year. Michael Coggins is one of the fabulous new teachers. He actually came to Hughes last year but only serving as a long-term substitute teacher. Coggins teaches 7th grade honors English, and 8th grade English. As a kid growing up in Cowpens, South Carolina, he always thought English was one of the most boring subjects ever He felt that he could change English in the eyes of students, if he taught it.

His whole life he wanted to be a sports coach, but being young and juvenile he believed that he had to teach before he could begin coaching. He attended North Greenville University and got his degree in English. After learning about English and taking up many teaching opportunities, he realized he had lost the desire to coach, but had a new passion of teaching.In 2014, he worked part time as a professor and also took up any substituting jobs that he could. He came to Hughes in the same year and began substituting for 7th grade English. He ended up staying the whole year then coming back the next year.

Coggins has a great passion for English and is not afraid to show it. He believes that if he is enthusiastic about what he teaches,  “Then some of that will rub off on some students and they will come to love the subject also.” As he says much of his enthusiasm rubs off on his students, 8th grade student Makyla Newton say, “I always looked forward to going to his class because, he makes it fun and does lots of different activities.”  When we asked how he thinks his students would describe him, he responded that he is very fun, crazy, and tougher than you would ever expect.

Many teachers make the focus point of their classrooms the final grade on the test, but. Coggins likes to make his students focus on the subject rather than the grade. He likes to push his students to their limit and make them work hard everyday! Coggins loves his job very much, and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else than Hughes Academy!

Posted: 11/4/2015 | Author: Kate A., Student Reporter