Raise Craze 2015 Kicks Off

Currently at Hughes Academy, there is a fundraiser going on called Raise Craze. The program kicked off on Monday and will end on Nov. 13. Hughes Academy started doing the fundraiser two years ago, becoming the first school to ever participate in the program. For the past few years, Raise Craze has been a huge success, raising up to $13,000 last year, enough to buy new Chromebooks for a few of the classrooms.

The idea of Raise Craze is that the students will go around their community performing acts of kindness. Friends and family, will then donate money to the students for their acts of kindness through a webpage the student can set up. There is even a reward for all of the students who have their page set up by the end of the week. Dr. Andrew Hooker, principal of Hughes Academy, is encouraging students to do “at least three acts of kindness.” The hope is that the students can positively impact the community while raising money for the school.

This year, Hughes is hoping to raise even more money to buy more chromebooks. Hooker has promised the eighth grade students that he will keep “all money raised by the eighth grade just for eighth grade chromebooks.” Many students have already started their web pages, already raising over $1,000 in one night, and also began thinking of acts of kindness that they can perform.

During Monday’s pep rally, the students reflected on acts they performed last year, such as raking leaves, mowing lawns and working in soup kitchens. The students also got excited for the end product of the fund raiser, hoping to have chromebooks in all of their classes within the next two weeks. Raise Craze is a great way to get involved in your community, while raising money for the school.

Posted: 11/3/2015 | Author: Dana D.