Youth in Government

Here at Hughes Academy, there are a lot of clubs that you can participate in such as Model UN, Minecraft, Robotics, and plenty of others. These clubs not only let students participate in things they like but also expand your mind with new things. One of the clubs here at Hughes, that furthers knowledge is Y.I.G or Youth in Government.

Youth in Government is a club that is designed to help students learn about the basics of the legislative branch and participation in democracy. This club helps the students find things they want to change or help with in South Carolina and create their own bills to help. Eventually, the students will go to Columbia, South Carolina to the State House and debate their bills with other Y.I.G members and try to get their bill passed. This not only helps students learn debating skills but also helps by giving them a first hand account with the way of the government. Ms. Dixon, the exploratory teacher here at Hughes, started Youth in Government in 2011 and has done it every year since.

Ms. Dixon talks about how much she loves watching students participate in Y.I.G. Also how the participants try to pass bills and help their state. Ms. Dixon recalls when she was in Y.I.G, how fond of it she was. She loves to see other students loving it the same way she did.

There have been participants in Y.I.G that have had their bills passed and are now laws in South Carolina. One of our own here at Hughes Academy, Matthew Carter, who is in seventh grade, is the Secretary of State for South Carolina’s Y.I.G program. This year the Youth and Government trip to Columbia, SC will be in November.

Hughes Academy, do you Y.I.G?


Posted: 10/9/2015 | Author: Sierra S-L., Student Reporter