Cougar Shack

The new school store, the Cougar Shack, has been a hit so far! I’m sure you have bought one or two snacks from the new store and loved it. They have a variety of snacks from M&M’s to Taki’s, and they are all at an affordable price. The prices start at 25 cents and go to $1.50. Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the store is  open during each lunch period, so don’t forget to stop by and get something.

To begin with, the school store is considered a school fundraiser, so it can only be open for three days at a time, and that’s sad news to everyone. The good news is that we can expect the school store to be open during future years, so you don’t have to worry about not having candy for lunch! The PTSA asked for volunteers to come together and help put this fundraiser together because they thought it would benefit the school and students. This was one of the best ideas that has come to Hughes so far.

Start looking forward to the last Fridays in every month because that’s when a special ice cream treat will be sold, but buy it quick because supplies are limited.

We can’t wait for the big year to come for the Cougar Shack!

Posted: 10/8/2015 | Author: Miller P. and Copeland J., Student Reporters