Chromebooks at Hughes

This year Hughes Academy is taking a big step in technology. This year, we are proud to present our new Chromebooks. Chromebooks are Google-based laptops used in classrooms for projects and classwork.

Hughes is a school of technology and science, so Chromebooks will certainly help our students learn better and faster. Ms. Shealy, an Instructional Coach at Hughes, said “Research suggests that access to technology and virtual collaborative teaching/learning strategies increases student achievement and prepares them for 21st century learning.”

Students won’t be able to take them home now, but after we receive more funding over the next few years, we want to be able to allow students to do this. Chromebooks will result into less paper but more computerized work.

Chromebooks are expected  to make education easier and more exciting for students because of it makes a new style of learning and most students will  probably enjoy Chromebooks better than pen and paper.

Posted: 10/8/2015 | Author: Jhamarcus S. and Jaida Q., Student Reporters