Ms. Keenum, A New Science Teacher

We have had many new teachers join the Hughes staff this year. Among them is Amanda Keenum, a new eighth grade science teacher. Ms. Keenum grew up in Beaufort, South Carolina and is a graduate from Clemson University. At Clemson, she studied science and earned her degree.

Ms. Keenum spends as much time as she can outside and loves to go hiking. She also enjoys spending time at the beach. She has a dog named Reese that keeps her occupied while away from Hughes.

 Ms. Keenum has always wanted to be a teacher from a young age. She had many many relatives that were always working in the education field. She wanted to be a elementary school teacher at first, but changed her mind and decided that she wanted to be a middle school teacher because she “enjoyed her middle school experience” and “likes seeing kids grow.” Ms. Keenum chose science because that has always been her favorite subject.

She likes to see students learn something that they didn’t know before and likes seeing kids improve. Ms. Keenum’s pet peeves are students that excessively talk and students that are always unprepared for class. This year, Ms. Keenum’s  goal is to not write anybody up. She also wants to see the students improve and learn.

Posted: 10/6/2015 | Author: Ryan H. and Christian N., Student Reporters