Ms. Bohnenberger

Ms. Bohnenberger is one of the many new staff here at Hughes Academy. She is from Greenville, SC. She attended Clemson University for graduate school and University of South Carolina upstate for her undergraduate. She decided to go to Clemson because she has always been a “huge Tiger fan,” and she also loved their program. She attended college for four years for her undergraduate plus one year for her masters.

Ms. Bohnenberger was a social studies teacher for seven years before coming to Hughes. Her goal was always to be an administrator, but she had to teach for a certain amount of time before she can become an administrator. Ms. Bohnenberger has many rules for each of her students. Some of the rules that she implies to her students are always to be respectful to everyone and to arrive at school ready and willing to learn.

During the day she observes classroom, plans events such as fire drills and reward times, and she also deals with any behavioral issues on the sixth grade hallway. She loves everything about Hughes so far! She hopes that in the future all of her students will learn valuable life skills.

Ms. Bohnenberger is excited for this new school year and can not wait to get to know everyone!

Posted: 10/1/2015 | Author: Miller P. and Kate A., Student Reporters