Ms. Batista

Ms. Batista is just one of the twenty new teachers here at Hughes Academy, taking on the role of teaching Spanish!

She decided to come to Hughes Academy because she  had just moved and was looking for a teaching job. Her experience was in middle school, so when she saw there was a job opening here at Hughes, she applied right away. She was very persistent and kept calling to get the job because she loved how she could teach immersion and not have to think twice about her language.

Ms. Batista expects to stay at Hughes for a long time and teach Spanish long-term, eventually she plans she to get a degree in administration. Her hobbies out of school are dancing, cooking, and reading spanish books.

She came to the United States when she was seven, so most of her memories of living in the Dominican Republic are childhood memories. It took her three months after moving to New York to learn English. “I would speak gibberish and when my mom would ask what I was doing I would say ‘I’m practicing English!’”

Ms. Batista decided to move to Greenville because she likes the culture. She says it is more like the Dominican Republic because neighbors know each other and don’t ignore each other, “like they talk to you.”

She earned a minor in education because she had always wanted to be a teacher because she liked school growing up. “I was a nerd, and I liked learning, that’s why I would wake up in the morning happy.”  

Ms. Batista is very happy with how the school year is going and believe this first year will be great to start off her Hughes Academy career!

Posted: 9/30/2015 | Author: Walker B. and Hampton C., Student Reporters