Ms. Woody

There have been some new additions to the faculty this year here at Hughes Academy! One of the newest additions to the Hughes Academy family is Ms. Leah Woody. Ms. Woody teaches sixth grade Social Studies. “My first week was INCREDIBLE! My students are all very unique and wonderful young people.”

Ms. Woody’s passion and desire to teach middle school began with her own experiences in middle school. She admitted that she enjoyed her middle school years, which often is a huge transition for most kids. One of her favorite parts, about being a teacher is reaching out to a student and getting them to open up; that’s the biggest breakthrough between the teacher and student in most cases.

Ms. Woody is from Spartanburg, South Carolina and commutes every day. She received her education at the University of South Carolina-Upstate, where she received her Bachelor's degree in middle school level English Language Arts and Social Studies in 2010.  After receiving her Bachelor’s degree, Mrs. Woody taught at Greer Middle for five years. She was an English teacher prior to coming to Hughes Academy. She also taught a drama class for one semester.

Being a social studies teacher in Hughes Academy wasn’t her original plan. Ms. Woody applied for the English teaching position but someone else had already filled that position. She was certified to teach social studies so she got that job instead. So far she’s really enjoyed teaching social studies.

Posted: 9/24/2015 | Author: Jaida Q., Student Reporter