Ms. Singh

New educators arrive every year at Hughes Academy.  Believe it or not, they have a lot to say, particularly, Ms. Singh.  In an interview with her, we learned lots of cool things about this not-so-new teacher.  Growing up in New Delhi, India, Ms. Singh had always been interested in teaching.  After earning a degree in biology at Delhi University, she taught in India from 2000 to 2004.  Having always wanted to travel, as soon as she got the opportunity to come to America, she did.  The first school that offered her a job was Hughes Academy, where she taught until 2007 before moving to Atlanta. After a few years, she missed Hughes so much that she decided to move back to Greenville.  

She now teaches sixth grade science, and her favorite thing to teach is weather.  In her classroom, she believes that there is no “I’ in team, and thinks that students and teachers should “work out problems and find solutions together.”  This year at Hughes Academy, Ms. Singh hopes to get students to positively relate science to their everyday lives, not just as a subject in school.

Ms.  Singh has two sons who are currently in the process of moving to Greenville from Atlanta.  Her oldest son is in the sixth grade, and her younger son is in preschool.  In Atlanta, Ms. Singh spent lots of her time volunteering at a homeless shelter and gardening.  She loves to garden, but “only if the plant is grown from a seed,” just like how she did it in India.  Ms. Singh also enjoys listening to Indian music and watching the game of cricket.  

She says that Hughes is a lot different now, but in a good way.  She said that the school is a lot more “culturally diverse and that the students are better with and know more about technology.”  Ms. Singh is excited to be back at Hughes Academy this year and hopes to make a difference.

Posted: 9/24/2015 | Author: Dana D. and Sarah P., Student Reporters