Ms. Luchies Official

Ms. Luchies is among twenty other teachers who are starting their first year at Hughes Academy. For college, she went to Eastern Michigan, where she majored in communication and journalism. Afterwards, she ended up going to the University of Toledo. She wanted to get her bachelor's degree to be a teacher, so Toledo was a great choice for her. When Ms. Luchies was a child, she would often visit Greenville. It always felt like a second home and she loved it here, which is what compelled her to make the huge decision to move from Michigan to Greenville.

This is her first full year at Hughes, and she’s excited to get back to english. Her hopes are that she “can get more kids to enjoy writing.” Ms. Luchies feels that her teaching style is strict, but she also believes that “As long as we’re focusing and getting our work done we can also have fun in the classroom.”Not only does she just teach her students, but she cares about them inside and out. Teaching can be a very frustrating job, but the most frustrating part for her is that the classroom classes are much longer so she can’t focus on each student individually. Her hopes for the future are that the students can learn to enjoy writing and not for it to be a dreadful task. The new year brings new experiences and Ms. Luchies is looking forward to it

Posted: 9/21/2015 | Author: Miller P., Ellie H., Copeland J., Student Reporters