Welcome Ms. Allison

Ms. Allison is one of the new teachers at school. She teaches 8th grade English. Teaching has always been one of Ms. Allison’s passions and she loves children. She loves to see the lightbulb go off inside children’s heads.

Ms. Allison attended the University of South Carolina. There, she received a B.A. in Communications and Theater. She stated that they are best known for their wonderful Communications Program. She also got the chance to work with a very talented professor at USC. “That really pulled me in,” she said. She also got the chance to study in a summer exchange program in Thames, England.

“At USC they had a really good Communications program and I’ve always had a passion for theatre,” she said. Ms. Allison was a part of a Summer exchange program where she studied in Thames, England. She learned about “British history, British government, and what they called “the great friendship” between their country and America.”

Ms. Allison taught at Laurens Middle where she was a part of a single gender program. Because the program was new, there weren’t many teachers up for the job. There were only four teachers, and she was the only English teacher out of them. She became close to her students and she grew strong relationships with them.

One of her favorite memories from Laurens Middle was when she had an all eighth grade girls class. She had been teaching them for the past two year and they did a project on The Trojan War. They wrote stories like you would tell at a campfire. They cleared out the desks in the middle of the room so they could sit around in a circle on the floor. They pretended they were at a campfire by using flashlights and eating s'mores.

Ms. Allison also has a passion for drama. She loves that in drama, people have “The ability to create a brand new world.” The upcoming Drama Club will be sponsored by Ms. Allison. The students will start off with some basic drama related games and exercises. They will practice in front of their peers and start to get used to acting in front of an audience. After that, the students will progress into groups and work with scripts. You can contact Ms. Allison on any more information on the Drama Club if you are interested.

Ms. Allison likes how here at Hughes, comparing it to other schools, that the students have the ability to choose specific areas of interest in study to broaden their horizons.

Posted: 9/17/2015 | Author: Trinity W. and Grace H., Student Reporters