Sixth Grade Student Interviews

Ms. Cattano's and Ms. Dmytriw's students have been stealing work from the Hughes journalists! They've been working on an interview project, but instead of interviewing new teachers, they've been talking to some of the veterans. Here are an article from a student:

Being a Custodian

By Selina L.

Well turns out Mr.cannon is actually is a plant engineer. A plant engineer is a person who makes sure everything is clean and working. Mr. Cannon cares about our school to be clean because if not it would be a hazard for the children. Mr. Cannon likes his job being a “ plant engineer.” He likes the fact that the some kids respect the school as they are supposed to.

Mr. Cannon worked as a custodian for 5 months and has worked in the school district for 3 years. Mr. Cannon was a contractor in Florida. Surprisingly his favorite grade is 6th grade. So you think being a custodian is easy but it takes a lot of responsibility and heart to clean and take care of the school. We should give more recognition to show how we care so much for our school to be cleaned by these wonderful people.

And here's another article from a couple of students:

Our Interview with Mr Morgan

By Zarii S. and Ethan R.

Mr. Morgan has worked at Hughes Academy since 1995. He likes his job “loves it,” he says. He thinks it is a special place. His favorite grade is 7th, he thinks it is crazy and sometimes he gets a little crazy too. Mr. Morgan does not work part time. Over the summer he mows lawns.

His first job was to cut grass at Easly Cemetery. He went to school at Simpson Elementary. During integration Simpson Elementary was closed and he went to West End Elementary. He went to college at Furman University. At first he wanted to be a football coach, but it did not work out, so he became an administrator. It was great to learn about our 7th grade administrator, Mr. Morgan.

It looks like these sixth-grade students are well on their way to becoming student journalists. Perhaps you'll be reading more articles from them when they reach eighth grade and take journalism!

Posted: 9/16/2015 | Author: Hughes Academy