Welcome Ms. Partin

Hughes Academy of Science and Technology hires new teachers every year. This year, we are thrilled to welcome the new seventh grade science teacher, Ms. EliaPartin. Ms. Partin is new to teaching and loves it so much better than her last job so far. Her last job was an ophthalmicassistant, but she got very bored of doing the same things everyday. That’s when she had the idea of becoming a teacher. She became a citizen of Greenville when she came to Greenville to visit a friend and decided that Greenville is a nice place to stay.

Ms. Partin became a teacher because she “loved the feeling of helping people” when she was an ophthalmic assistant, and figured it would be even better as a teacher. When offered a job at Hughes, the future teacher was extremely excited. On her first day, she felt very “nervous but more excited,” and it turned out great. Her greatest joy of teacher is definitely “watching the student grow throughout the year.”

Ms. Partin is married and has a pet dog and a kitty cat and loves to spend time with her husband, kitty cat, and her dog. Ms. Partin is a very active person and likes to spend time outside. The Partins love to go on walks with her dog and work out in their free time.

We welcome Ms. Partin to Hughes Academy and hope she has a great year.

Posted: 9/16/2015 | Author: Jack W. and Jhamarcus S., Student Reporters