Ms. Arbuckle, New Sixth-Grade Teacher

Hughes Academy is very excited to welcome Ms. Arbuckle and many other new teachers this year.  Ms. Arbuckle is one of our excellent sixth grade ELA teachers, and she has had a great experience so far.

Ms. Arbuckle moved to Greenville from Ohio to attend Bob Jones.  She attended Bob Jones University for four years and got a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary English Education and certification for teaching in middle schools.  

After graduating from Bob Jones, she stayed here in Greenville with her husband.  During this time, Ms. Arbuckle student taught at JL Mann and Riverside High School.  She feels that “teaching middle schoolers is very different from teaching high schoolers.”  She decided to start teaching middle school when she saw an opening at Hughes for sixth grade ELA. She really liked the idea of splitting ELA into two classes, one for writing and one for reading because she believes that the English subject is very important and is too much to teach in one class.  Therefore, she decided to take the job.

Ms. Arbuckle is very excited to get to know everyone at Hughes Academy, and she is very excited for this school year!

Posted: 9/16/2015 | Author: Lucy S. and Kate A., Student Reporters