Ms. Dymtriw Arrives at Hughes

Ms. Dmytriw is a seventh grade teacher who is new to Hughes Academy this year. She is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio and a graduate from Miami University in Ohio in 2013. The decision to go to Miami was due to a family attending the university. While she was there, she was a part of the rowing team as a coxswain, which is a steerer and director for the rowing team. Other extra curricular activities were swim team and marching band in which she played the saxophone. While she was younger, her worst nightmare was water activities until the age of seven when she started showing interest which led to the water activites in her life. While in marching band, she had a chance to be in the 2006 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.

Over the summer Ms. Dmytriw visited a friend, a teacher who works at Fisher Middle School here in Greenville. While here she said “ Greenville is a very nice place.” Since she was out of school and looking for work, she applied to Hughes. She ended up getting the job and moving here to Greenville a month ago.

As a younger teacher she feels her and her students connect well with each other. Ms. Dmytriw also believes that hands on teaching helps students connect to the actual learning process. Also since she is younger she thinks that she could help other teachers who don’t feel confident with new technology as they would like while they teach her good teaching skills. So far, Ms. Dmytriw thinks that “ Hughes is a very nice place and school and if I didn’t take the job, I would’ve missed out on a lot.” Her go-to saying for middle school would be, “ It’s not the end of the world: middle school is tough but as soon as you find your place you will be fine.” Finally we would like to thank Ms. Dmytriw for being here at Hughes to teach and feed the minds of students.

Posted: 9/10/2015 | Author: Sierra S. and Kiya J., Student Reporters