Zip Ties

Zip Ties

The zip ties on the lockers are a familiar site in the seventh grade hall, but how did they get there?

Hughes Academy decided to put the zip ties on the lockers about ten years ago when “Mrs. Batson Curd had the idea after some items inappropriate for school uses had been found in the lockers”. It started with seventh grade because the school administrators noticed that students would put stolen items in the lockers as well as food that would get moldy and smelly. The students would often steal people’s stuff and hide them in the lockers that were not occupied. Not to mention students would take food from the cafeteria and stash them in the unoccupied lockers. While the food was put in the lockers, it would often get moldy and start to stink. That’s not fair for the janitors to have to clean it up and the students that have to smell it.

While the sixth and seventh graders have zip ties, the eighth grade has yet to have a problem with these unoccupied lockers, but the administrators will be happy to put zip ties on the lockers if anything happens.

Let’s make sure that the eighth graders stay zip tie free.

By Ellie H. and Copeland M., Student Reporters

Author: Hughes Life
Posted: 10/20/2015