Dress Code

Dress Code

Hughes Academy loves students that are in proper dress code. At the beginning of the year,  each student is provided with an agenda that explains the dress code policy.  Some of the dress code policies include wearing collared shirts that are either navy, red, white, black, pink, or grey.  Students must wear shorts, skirts or pants that are either black, navy, or khaki with a belt.  Students must also tuck in their collared shirts into their dress code shorts, pants, or skirts.  Girls may wear skirts as long as they are the appropriate length.  Students must wear their ID badge at all times when in the school building.

These students in the picture at right perfectly performed the Hughes Academy dress code policy.  Seventh grader Malaki Macomson believes that “the dress code shows respect to the school.” These students believe that wearing dress code also prevents students from dressing inappropriately.  Walker Garrison, a sixth grader, likes the dress code and believes that it is “very casual” and it “keeps everyone intact.”

Hughes Academy thanks you very much for your cooperation with the dress code!  

By Lucy S., Student Reporter

Author: Hughes Life
Posted: 10/20/2015