What’s It Like Being a New Student at Hughes?

For some students, it’s not easy moving in the middle of the school year to a new school. Especially in middle school. New people, teachers, not to mention that when you’re moving into your house and a box breaks. It can often flip your entire mind set upside down. Maybe for some, they have been living in one place all their life, and then you go and switch everything on them. And sometimes you move because of unfortunate events. There are a variety of reasons. I, an 8th grader at Hughes Academy, did just this. I came just after the beginning of the 3rd quarter, and I did it. I made new friends, met new teachers, and found myself in my new surroundings.

My Journalism teacher, Mr.Scott, sent me on a mission to interview new students to see what they thought of it. I interviewed Alani and Russell, a sixth- and eighth-grader. Alani feels that “Hughes is pretty cool” and that it is “a really good environment.” She has been at Hughes about six weeks and is making friends “pretty easy.” Alani explained that the students are very nice and that the “teachers are really nice and organized, and they know what they’re doing.” By the end of the interview, Alani seemed to really enjoy going to Hughes.

My second interviewee, Russell, told me that he had been a student here about a month. He said teachers were great, and really did their job well. But he also said he hated leaving his old friends. That’s okay, right? Everyone hates leaving friends.

By Audrey T.
New Student Reporter

Author: Hughes Life
Posted: 4/7/2015