A Day in the Life of a Hughes Custodian

A Day in the Life of a Hughes Custodian

Ms. Alice Green is a custodian here at Hughes Academy. She has been a custodian for 15 years. Although this is her first time working at a school, she left a supervisor job at Michelin and other jobs to come here. She said it was too much, and she preferred to work in an environment where she could meet new people and where she can just clean. She was a single mother so she started the custodian job to have the same schedule as her children. But as her children got older, she started to really like the job and wanted to stay in that type of work.

Custodians have a long day. They clean up after everyone. They work everyday even in the summer time when they’re only off on Fridays. I’ve seen Ms.Green clean up vomit; I’ve seen her sweep, which custodians do in a specific way. She starts on the left side, then gets the corners, then she goes to the right.

Ms.Green is never on the same “Duty Schedule.” Everyday she’s in a different spot doing a different job. For example, one day I followed her sweeping on the 8th grade hall, then the next day I saw her cleaning windows at the same time if day I saw her the day before. She does whatever she can to make her job fun and loving. Although there are some students here who are sometimes disrespectful, she keeps on a nice attitude and is as respectful as possible.

I don’t think the students here really appreciate all that custodians do for us. If it wasn’t for the custodians such as Ms.Alice Green, our school would be filthy nothing would be filthy. Ms.Green as well as other custodians do their job the best way they can and should get more respect for what they do. Not everyone is meant to be a custodian, but the ones who are they do it well.

By Kiedra W.
Student Reporter

Author: Hughes Life
Posted: 4/20/2015