Forbes on Principals

Forbes magazine recently reported that a research study compiled by the online jobs site CareerBliss found that school level principals have the most cheerful and fulfilling jobs in America. After I took a double-take and read and reread the article I begin to think of how much I truly love my job. Yes, there is a tremendous amount of paperwork. There are state and federal mandates that sometimes make little sense. There is the occasional bad situation or incident that we must deal with where there are no winners. There are many late events and weekend work and emails that never end. But, the majority of the time, it is a job where lives are changed daily with the help of loving teachers, awesome community support, and the greatest kids I have ever worked with.

People often ask me how I do it. How do I keep things driving forward? The simple answer is I am passionate about seeing others be successful. I love to see a student’s eyes light up after a successful presentation or assessment. I love seeing a teacher when his or her students have performed well. I love to see that teacher, administrative assistant, or assistant principal being promoted because of what he or she has learned. I love to see parents brag on their child, or better yet, they brag on a teacher that has had an impact in their child’s life.

Forbes got this one correct! At our recent curriculum night, we stopped counting at 520 families in our standing-room-only cafeteria. We are truly having to turn people away from our incredible school. Thank you for allowing me to serve our students, faculty and staff, and our community. I do love my job and the great people around me that make it possible to serve our community each day.

Author: Dr. Hooker
Posted: 3/4/2015