Enabling the Future

Enabling the Future

Can you imagine what it is like to be an eleven, twelve, or thirteen year old student who is engaged in learning while serving others? At Hughes Academy we will begin a new project which will entail using our 3-D printers to design, build, and donate prosthetic hands for students in need.

Wow! We are learning so much by coding mobile applications, designing engineering projects, performing the arts, completing digital designs, and working in video game programming. The next level is using what we have learned to serve others. We are excited about this STEAM unit. You can check out our next step at www.enablingthefuture.org.

Hughes Academy is running full speed with a “why not” mentality. Our students, teachers, and now our community will feel a direct impact from products that are student produced through STEAM units based on our South Carolina standards.

Changing lives together!

Dr. Hooker

Author: Dr. Hooker
Posted: 2/3/2015