Hillcrest Middle School Eighth Grade

8th Grade Supply List

Kim Groome   Guidance Counselor----864-355-6150

Studying and Being Successful in Math: /hms/Upload/uploads/20188thSupply.pdf

1.  Listen in class and write down the notes.

2.  Copy down all the examples and do the practice problems.

3.  Take your notebook home each night.  Read over your notes and examples.  This will not take a long time.  Doing this EVERY night will increase your retention of the day's lesson.

4.  Use your notes and examples to help you with your graded assignments.

5.  Ask questions if you do not understand something.

6.  Math teachers are available to answer questions.

7.  The textbook's website for Math 8 is http://my.hrw.com

8.  Use the login and password given to you to try quizzes and see the video tutor.

9.  You also may download a QR reader to your smartphone or ipad and see the video tutor from the top right corner of the first page of each lesson in your disposable text.


Eighth Grade Academic Teachers

Catherine Adams

Meri Heather Acton

Nicole Koenig

Peggy Joseph

Karen Long

Janine Hadley (Spanish 1)

Cindy Murray

Peggy Joseph

Katie Porter

Marie Ferri

Molly Schulz

Lauren Boska

Heather Henderson



Literature/Language Arts

Social Studies


High School Credit Courses