This mixed media modern cave art was created by    Mixed media modern cave art created by                   This metal embossing was created by
Robbie Saltmarsh in Art 1.                                                    Michael Shiffer in Art 1                                                    Rachel Paredes in Art2.
Art Students work
       Student Art Work       Student Art work 

Alexis Naskali created this metal embossing in Art 2.     Alexis Naskali embosses an oven liner and creates this beautiful piece in Art 2.      
   Student Art work                    Student Art work                   Student Art work

*Foreign exchange student, Clara Santamaria,
displays her beautiful metal embossing created in Art 2.                     Madison Leithold created this metal embossing in Art 2.
Student Art work                                             Student Art work

Jennifer Grechanyy works on a                                  Daniel Pettinato displays his surrealistic                  Kerian Martin has finished the Art I
charcoal still-life in Art 2.                                                pencil drawing during Art 1                                               Art 1 texture unit.

Student Art Work                     Art Student Work                    Art Student Works

Ashton Shipman:  Art I:  Texture Unit               Tori Applegate:  Art 3H:  Shell Concentration            Kendall Rossignol:  Art I:  Texture Unit
Student Artist                    Student Artist                     Student Artist


 Mika Hamilton:  Art 2:  Bas-relief                   Alan Lozano-Gonzalez: Art I:Textured Shoe Unit    Michael Shiffer:  Art I: Textured Shoe Unit       
  Student Artist                     Student Artist                      Student Artist



Erica Stokes and Kelsey Davenport:                     Mackenzie McCombs:  Art 2:  Bas-relief            Lauren Tilley has finished the first half of her
Art I:  Value/Contrast Unit                                                                                                                   texture unit in Art 1.   

Student Artists                      Student Artist                  Student Art Work                   

Isabella Silas and Rachel Egeland:                                                               Regan Wood has finished one half of the
Art I:  Textured Shoe Unit                                                                                   Art 1 texture unit.

Student Artists                                       Student Art Work