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Interesting Facts About Greenville Senior High Academy

Greenville High School was established in 1888 and has a rich tradition of successful programs and outstanding students who have made significant contributions to the local and world community. 

Our Alumni Wall of Fame

The Alumni Wall of Fame is located in the front lobby of the school. Some of the notable standouts features here include:

The Honorable Richard (Dick) W. Riley was a graduate of Greenville High School in 1950. In 1978, he was elected and served as the Governor of South Carolina for two terms. He served as the Secretary of Education under the Clinton Administration.

Joanne Woodward is a 1947 graduate of Greenville High School. She has established her fame as an outstanding actress in movie, stage, and television. She is married to Paul Newman.

Nick A. Theodore, a 1945 graduate of Greenville High School, served as Lieutenant Governor for South Carolina with Governor Dick Riley and Governor Carroll Campbell. He has distinguished himself as a statesman and leader of the community.

A scientific leader and developer of the LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation), Dr. Charles H. Townes was a 1931 graduate of Greenville High School. Dr. Townes graduated from Furman University and later served as professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of California. For his outstanding work and contribution to science, he won the Nobel Prize in Physics.

A strong supporter of Greenville High School and a leader in the Greenville community, Sam Francis was the founder and long-time voice of the Greenville High School Alumni Association. Sam Francis graduated from Greenville High School in 1937. In 1998, the Sam Francis Fountain, located at the front entrance, was dedicated to his memory and his outstanding contributions to the school and community.


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