Voices of Greer High

Mr. Josh Morton, Choral Director


“The Voices of Greer High” is the new name for the choral program at Greer High School. The program currently includes an Honors Choir and Beginning Choir. At a later date, some smaller ensembles will be introduced into the program. The program is designed to give students learning opportunities in music literacy, performance, competition, social settings, and professional settings. Students will learn life skills like time management, responsibility, and team work; using vocal music as a catalyst. The new Choral Director, Mr. Joshua Morton is very excited to be at Greer High School. Mr. Morton was on the marching band staff at Greer High School from 2005-2006, and is very excited to be back! In November, Mr. Morton will be hosting open auditions for the Honors Choir and other small ensembles. If you are interested in being a part of “The Voices of Greer High”, please see Mr. Morton before or after school in room 125 or call 864.355.5727.