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Mission and Goals of Enoree Career & Technology Center

The primary mission of Enoree Career & Technology Center is to promote and offer occupationally relevant curricula for the students we serve.

 The goals of Enoree Career & Technology Center are:
1. to provide the Enoree graduates with marketable skills.
2. to assist in reducing the number of dropouts by motivating students to high levels of achievement through relevant vocational courses.
3. to provide vocational guidance for prospective students.
4. to assist students in determining an occupational or career choice.
5. to work with business and industry in placing students on jobs in the area for which they were trained.
6. to evaluate current programs and create new programs to better meet the needs of the students and community.
7. to develop proper work attitudes, safety habits and the understanding of proper work relationships with fellow workers.
Philosophy and Objectives

There are four career centers in Greenville County. They are an integral part of the comprehensive educational system of The School District of Greenville County. Each center provides more depth to the existing curriculum in the high schools by offering specialized training in various occupations.

The major objectives of the centers are:

1. to provide relevant, quality occupational training for all students 16 years of age or older.

2. to aid students in job placement and to encourage them to continue their education at the post-secondary level.

3. to promote the ideals of responsibility, adaptability, and dignity of work.

4. to be responsive to student needs for skill development as well as to the manpower needs of the local community.