Eastside High School Frequently Asked Questions

Volunteering and Visiting

1. What door do I come in when I volunteer or visit?

Come in the front doors closest to visitor parking. Eastside High School welcomes parents, interested citizens and former students to visit the school. It is essential, however, that every visitor reports immediately to the main office upon arrival, signs in and receives a name tag. Visitors cannot interrupt classrooms. We use Simple Track to sign in visitors and volunteers. At the front door, you will be buzzed into the building. All other doors are locked at 8:45 a.m.

2. How much is PTSA membership?

The cost is $5.00. You receive coupons that will offset the price. Thanks to Chick-fil-A and other businesses, you get free items when you join. Random drawings are done for students who are members. Various prizes are available. Learn more on the PTSA webpage

3. How do I find out the volunteer opprotunities at EHS?

There is a volunteer form that is sent home in the first day packet. The volunteer form can also be found online on the PTSA webpage. Please turn it in at registration or to the office anytime so you will be in our volunteer database. Or send us your information (twofirefly@hotmail.com). Extra copies are available in the main office.

4. Who can I contact if no one calls me to volunteer?

Jane Lollis or Michelle Matters, Co-PTSA Presidents: or any PTSA board member. The list of contacts is online.

5. Where do I park when I come to volunteer?

There are visitor and volunteer parking spaces at the front of the school. Enter using the front entrance. The entrance is in the front office and for teachers, volunteers, and visitors only. If all of the visitor spots are full, please continue into the teacher parking area. There are many empty slots available. Please do NOT park in the circle or block any entrances. Emergency vehicles must be able to enter. Parking tickets will be given.

Volunteers and visitors may only be in areas that pertain to their stated reason for visiting the school. Moving throughout the school is prohibited without permission and a visible volunteer identification.

6. How do I get a volunteer name tag?

The computer in the front office where you sign in will give you a temporary name tag. Volunteers will also need a permanent name tag which is similar to a student ID. See one of the media specialists in the media center to obtain a free one. All visitors will need a state-issued ID, such as a driver’s license.

7. I’m a former student, when can I visit my teachers?

The faculty and staff greatly appreciate visits from former students, unfortunately, interruptions during the school day are not permitted. Please plan to come by after school or e-mail specific teachers for convenient meeting times. Remember that all visitors must check in at the Front Office before moving throughout the school.


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