Eastside High School Frequently Asked Questions

Student Drop Off and Parking

1. Where can I drop off and pick up my student?

 2. Where do I park when I come to volunteer?

There are visitor and volunteer parking spaces at the front of the school. If all of the visitor parking spaces are full then park on the curb in the drop off pick up loop.
Volunteers and visitors may only be in areas that pertain to their stated reason for visiting the school. Moving through the school is prohibited without permission and a visible volunteer identification. 

3. What door do I come in when I volunteer?

Come in the front door of the building that leads to the office. Eastside High School welcomes parents, interested citizens and former students to visit the school. It is essential, however, that every visitor reports immediately to the main office upon arrival, signs in and receives a name tag. Visitors cannot interrupt classrooms. We use Simple Track to sign in visitors and volunteers. At the front door, you will be buzzed into the building. All other doors are locked at 8:45 a.m.

4. How do I get a volunteer name tag?

The computer in the front office where you sign in will give you a temporary name tag. Volunteers will have their information saved and will not have to fill out all info each visit. All visitors will need a state-issued ID, such as a driver's license.



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