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Principal: Amanda Lecaroz

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Laying the Foundation for Future Success!

We are off to a great start and are thrilled to be partnering with you to help lay the foundation for future success.  As part of our mission, we are offering TRIPLE P: Positive Parenting Program to all parents of our Child Development Centers.  This three-part series will be offered in both English and Spanish and during the day at Greenview CDC and in the evening at NW Crescent CDC.  We would love to have you join us for one or all of the sessions; whatever works best for your schedule.  Please see the links below for additional information on how to register; we will be serving lunch/dinner to parents who attend:

                Daytime Sessions: 10/9, 1/15 and 3/5 from 12-2:15pm (lunch served)

                Evening Sessions: 10/11, 1/17 and 3/7 from 5-6:45pm (dinner served)

In keeping with our Palmetto Basic’s theme, last month I showcased Part 1 of Palmetto Basic #1: Maximize Love, Manage Stress.  This month I will focus on the last part of that Basic to give you some strategies to help Manage Stress in order to create those loving, safe and predictable environments for our children to thrive.

Maximize Love, Manage Stress:  The second part of this basic is “Manage Stress” which is also essential to your child’s development.  Young children thrive when their world seems loving, safe and predictable.  When we help them to manage their stress and we model proper stress management ourselves, we help to create the environment that is so essential for them to thrive.  We all at some time or another experience stress and need to learn strategies for managing it; here are some things that you and your child can do to help deal with this emotion:

Create and stick to standard routines:  meal routines, bedtime routines, etc.  These create a predictable and less stressful environment in everyday life.
When your child expresses stress or discomfort, being loving and responsive is the best way to help them learn to deal with it effectively.
Take care of yourself as a parent: take a walk, get enough rest, eat healthy.  A healthy you, makes a happier you.
To learn more about Palmetto Basic #1: Maximize Love, Manage Stress, check out this short video: Basics #1 Video


Amanda Lecaroz

CDC Principal

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