Student Handbook


“Cherrydale Elementary School is the place where everyday brings a new success”

During normal operation, the school day begins at 8:00 AM and ends at 2:30 PM.  Students who arrive at school between 7:30 AM and 7:50 AM should go directly to the cafeteria for breakfast.  Second and third grade student’s not eating breakfast should go to the library for the Early Breakfast Readers Program. Fourth and fifth grade students who are not eating breakfast are to report to the gym. Students who arrive at school after 8:00 AM must be signed in by a parent in the office and receive a tardy pass to be admitted to class.  Students are tardy after 8:00 AM and will be monitored for excessive tardies.  Excessive tardiness will result in parent notification, restriction from participation in extracurricular activities, referral to the school social worker. Tardies should be limited to three per semester. Our instructional day begins promptly at 8:00 AM. The first assignment is posted at 8:00 AM
Regular and punctual attendance is essential for the optimum growth and development of students.  South Carolina Attendance Law supports this claim.  The policy states that students attend 170 of the 180 school days. Your student may not miss any more than 10 days the entire school year.  Included in these ten days are absences for serious illness confirmed by a doctor, bereavement, any unapproved time away from school.  In addition to the doctor’s statement, parents need to send a note to school  Excessive absenteeism may lead to a student being required to attend summer school or not being promoted to the next grade level.  The goal of Cherrydale Elementary is to work with each family to ensure that students achieve overall school success.                                           
At the end of each school year, Cherrydale Elementary is proud to recognize students who have made an outstanding effort to attend school each day. Attendance awards are presented. Perfect attendance is awarded to students who have attended school every day and been on time every day. These awards will be given on the last day of our school year.   
Our teachers instruct all day long and excessive early dismissals can affect instruction. Teachers are not authorized to release students to parents who come to the classroom. All students taken from the building during the regular school day must be signed out in the school office. Whenever possible, dental and medical appointments should be made for non-school days or after the regular school day ends. Early dismissals will not be made after 2:00 PM.  Excessive tardies and early dismissals will warrant a conference with the principal or social worker. Excessive tardies are not to exceed three per semester and early dismissals are not to exceed three per semester. 
Make-up of school work missed during unexcused absences may be approved only with permission of the principal after consultation with the teacher(s) concerned. In such cases, it shall be the responsibility of the student to make up the missed work within a reasonable time as specified by the teacher.
Outstanding academic work is recognized through the honor roll. Students are selected for honor roll for each grading period. To be placed on the honor roll, students in grades 2-5 must demonstrate the following: Principal’s Honor Roll-all A’s in academic subjects; A/B Honor Roll – must have all A’s and B’s.

Fines charged to students for damaged textbooks, lost library materials, unpaid cafeteria/lunch fees, or other offenses must be paid to the school in a timely manner. Failure to make payment when requested may result in the loss of privileges, restriction from activities such as Field Day, or other penalties as the principal deems appropriate. Parents will be notified each quarter of outstanding balances that are due.  Balances carry over from one year to the next.
Students should not bring candy, toys, trading cards, athletic items, electronic equipment, cell phone/pagers, silly bands, large sums of money, or any nonessential personal items onto school property unless authorized by your child’s teacher.  Teachers will collect these items if they are brought into the school.  Parents may pick up the collected items at the end of the school year.  Large sums of money will be turned in to the office for parent immediate pick-up.  Cherrydale Elementary is not responsible for lost or stolen items, and instructional time will not be used to investigate as to whether an item is lost or stolen. 
A lost and found container is maintained at school. To help minimize the amount of lost articles, please put your child’s name on items of clothing such as jackets, sweaters, coats, hats, and gloves. Remind your child to check the lost and found container for missing items. During the year, when unclaimed items accumulate, they are donated to the Salvation Army Clothing Bank.                                                         
Parent-Teacher conferences are scheduled three times during the school year and when necessary. If for any reason a parent wishes a conference with the teacher, the parent should contact the teacher. When parents have concerns or issues to discuss, they are encouraged to discuss the issue with the classroom teacher first. If the situation is not resolved, parents may address the issue with the Principal. Teachers, members of the administration, and parents share common goals of creating the best learning experiences for all students.                                    
Telephones in the building are for school business only. Students are allowed to use only the telephones in the office and only for limited circumstances or emergencies. Office personnel will dial numbers and monitor the phone calls.  Cell phones are not allowed.
Principles of good grooming and proper dress are necessary to set an atmosphere conducive to learning. The basic responsibility for appropriate dress must rest with the student and his/her parents. The following guidelines for dress are to be observed by the students at Cherrydale Elementary.

  1. Clothing is to be worn in the manner and for the purpose for which it is intended.
  2. Shoes or sandals must be worn and must have a back strap and closed toes. Students must wear tennis shoes for PE days.  NO FLIP FLOPS ARE ALLOWED AT ANY TIME.
  3. Hats are not allowed to be worn in the building by anyone (boys or girls). Bandanas are also not permitted.
  4. Clothing with pictures or lettering associated with drugs, alcohol, tobacco, profane, or off-color messages that are not in keeping with a wholesome school atmosphere or disrupts the academic functioning of Cherrydale are NOT to be worn.
  5. Shorts not shorter than mid-thigh, which were manufactured as shorts, are allowed to be worn. Students may not wear cut-off jeans, cut-off sweats, gym shorts, athletic practice shorts, or bicycle shorts to school.
  6. Clothing that has been cut or torn may NOT be worn to school.  Pants with holes in them will not be allowed.
  7. Mesh tops may be worn only if a tee-shirt is worn under them. Midriff tops or blouses may not be worn.
  8. Students are discouraged from wearing “mini skirts” or other apparel that is immodest.
  9. Chandelier type earrings may not be worn.
  10. No visible piercings.
  11. Sleeveless types of clothing must be cut close to the armpit areas to be deemed decent, not requiring the wearing of additional under garments to cover potentially exposed flesh which would be displayed with oversized or ripped out sleeveless garments.
  12. Pants need to be secured around the waist with a belt. Students must have shirts tucked in at all times Monday thru Thursday. Males may not wear earrings and females may not wear dangling or hoop earrings.
  13. Due to increasing gang activity in our county, male students are not permitted to wear large necklaces or earrings. Baggie pants without belts are also not permitted. Shirt tails are to be tucked inside the pants.
  14. Heelies are not permitted. High heels or boots with high heels may not be worn.
  15. Students in violation of this code will be asked to call a parent to bring a change of clothing. The principal has the authority under school board policy, to set additional dress code standards if it interferes with the academic program.
  16. Mohawks, designs cut into the hair, or similar type haircuts will not be allowed.
  17. Gothic black nail polish, black mascara circling the eyes, and black lipstick will not be permitted.
  18. The Principal has the authority to correct any dress that is not conducive to the learning environment of Cherrydale Elementary School.
  19. We respectfully request that all male adults remove hats while in the school building as we are trying to model proper etiquette with and for the students.
  20. Silly bands will not be permitted.

 Students are expected to be responsible for all textbooks, library books, and school property used by them. Vandalizing, damaging, or destroying of school property, including books, materials, furniture, buildings, computer hardware or software, the computer network, grounds, cars and buses, is forbidden. Parents or guardians will be informed, and restitution for the damage will be required. Failure to pay the district for damages could result in court action by the district. The student may lose privileges, be suspended, be recommended for expulsion, and receive other disciplinary sanctions.
Cherrydale allows two parties during the year. They are held at Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Any food, etc., sent must be enough for every student in the class. Birthday celebrations are held during the student’s lunch time and must have enough cakes, cupcakes, favors for every child in the class.  
Criteria for the Valentine's Day and Christmas parties are as follows:

At Cherrydale Elementary, we have established an environment where teachers can teach and students can learn. Education is a cooperative effort in which teachers and students are brought together for learning to take place. An environment which permits order and efficiency must be provided. One of our goals is to instill a sense of self-discipline in students so that individuals do not allow themselves to infringe upon the rights of others as they seek an expression of their own.  The responsibility for development and maintenance of this self-discipline falls to the combined effort of students, parents, teachers, administrators, and the community that establish the value system we accept. When self-discipline fails, regulations for management of school behavior must be outlined by those responsible for education. The School District has established policies and appointed administrators to carry them out.
Students are required to behave properly, respecting others and property. This includes traveling to and from school. Respect for all school employees and fellow students is expected. Consequences for failure to follow school rules may include loss of school privileges, an out-of-school suspension, and notification of parents for a conference. Your child’s teacher will be sending home a detailed copy of Cherrydale Elementary’s Code of Conduct. This information will outline rewards for students who honor the rules of the school and note the consequences for those who do not. You will also receive the Code of Conduct for the School District of Greenville County.
Cherrydale Elementary School has very limited parking. When dropping your children off at Cherrydale, please follow these procedures:

  1. Stay in the drop-off line and avoid speeding around the circle. If staff members are on duty, please follow their directions. Drop-off times are no earlier than 7:30 a.m. and no later than 8:00 a.m. Students are tardy at the sound of the official school bell, and parents must bring tardy students inside to check them in. Your clocks at home and watches should be set with official school time.
  2. If you need to come inside the school between 7:30 a.m. and 8:00 a.m., please park in the visitor space near the front of the school. PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN SPACES RESERVED FOR THE FACULTY AND STAFF. If in doubt, ask staff member on outside duty.
  3. Students will not be dismissed at 2:00 p.m.
  4. Please do not leave your car PARKED and UNATTENDED during the times of 7:30 a.m. – 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Please remain in your vehicle.
  5. For the safety of the children and reduced traffic congestion, when leaving Cherrydale’s parking lot, you must keep straight ahead or turn right. You are not to turn left. There is a STOP sign and a NO LEFT TURN sign in front of you on the right as you leave Cherrydale’s parking lot. These signs are to be followed regardless of what directions may be given. Failure to do so may result in your being ticketed by Greenville County Sheriff’s Department and large fines given/points applied.
  6. Students who do not have any other siblings or pick-ups at Cherrydale will dismiss from the back parking lot beginning at 2:30 PM.
  7. If you are changing your child's method of transportation, we must have a written note to that effect.  Transportation will not changed verbally or with a phone call.  For your child's safety and protection, we will only accept a written request.
  8. Please do not leave your car running at any time. 

Field Day is for all students and is held at Westside Park. However, students who are chronic discipline problems and/or suspended during the second semester will not be eligible to attend. A certified teacher will remain with these students during Cherrydale’s field day. Students who have not paid outstanding balances on cafeteria bills, lost textbooks, lost library books, damaged books/furniture from previous years and the current 2012-13 school year will not be allowed to participate on Field Day. Again, classes with certified teachers will be here to teach all students not participating on Field Day.  Chronic attendance, tardies, and early dismissals will also result in loss of field day and/or other extracurricular activities.
Students are not allowed to carry medicines around on their person.  All medication is to be dispensed by the nurse or other trained personnel.  A medication form must be obtained from the nurse, completely filled out, and signed by your child's doctor.  If a student is to take a medication for a limited amount of time (such as an antibiotic), the same rule applies. MEDICATIONS WILL NOT BE DISPENSED WITH THE PROPER FORMS.
A.  All medication must be brought to the Health Room in the original container, clearly labeled with the student's name.  This includes over-the-counter.
B.  Written permission from the parent or the legal guardian for each medication is required prior to administration and will be maintained in the Health Room.
C.  ALL prescription medication must be accompanied by written physician and parental authorization prior to administration at school.
D.  A parent may supply an over-the-counter medication to be kept in the health room and administered by school personnel.  Written parental authorization must be provided that includes the student's name, dosage, time medication is to be given and the duration of administration.  The medication must be in the original container, clearly labeled with the student's name.
E.  For over-the-counter medications, dosage may not exceed the manufacturer's recommended dose.  Physician authorization is required for larger dosage.  Physician authorization is required for any non-prescription medication given more than 10 consecutive days.
F. Cough drops, OTC antibiotic creams/ointments, fungal products, lotions, tooth pain relief products, contact solutions, etc... must be supplied by the legal guardian and written authorization to administer must be presented.  These items are also kept in the health room.
G.  No controlled medication will EVER be self-administered.
H.  If the dosage of a prescription medication is changed, the parent must provide written parental and physician authorization.
If a student is discovered to have head lice:

  1. The parent is notified.
  2. the student should be treated for head lice before returning to school.
  3. Parent will notify school that student has been treated.
  4. In some instances, students in an entire classroom may be checked for lice; however, this is time consuming and an interruption in the instructional program.  Parents are expected to assume responsibility of checking their children's hair on a regular basis. 
  5. Hair must be free of lice and excessive nits before returning to school.  Chronic problems with head lice are checked frequently.

The School District of Greenville County must ensure that the bus ride to and from school is a safe one.  All bus riders are required to follow bus safety rules at all times.  Failure to do so will result in disciplinary sanctions, possible including exclusion from the bus.  Usual school disciplinary sanctions, such as suspension and expulsion,  may also be imposed.
Each bus rider is expected to:

Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken for incidents which involve severe offenses, such as:  fighting, possession of weapons, drugs or alcohol, use of tobacco products, any action which endangers the safety of the driver and other students, or damage to the bus.  Such actions could involve a longer suspension from the bus or other sanction.
The bus supervisor and transportation officials have the authority to remove a student from the bus if the student becomes uncontrollable while on the bus.  The student may not board the bus again until granted permission by the principal.
Buses are equipped with video surveillance equipment that is used to view student and employee conduct by transportation management staff, principals or their designee, and other appropriate district staff.
Students and parents should not attempt to discuss bus rule violations or suspension matters with the bus driver at a bus stop.  Students who attempt to board the bus while suspended or adults who attempt to board or interfere with the operation of the bus, may be prosecuted under applicable South Carolina law.
The School District of Greenville County must safely transport all bus riders to and from school.  Bus riders will be denied the privilege of riding the bus if their behavior is unacceptable or infringes on the rights of other bus riders.  It will be the responsibility of the parent or guardian to see that the student is transported to school during this time.

Greenville County School
Student Behavior Code

(Revised May 18, 2010)
Student Behavior
(Policy JCDA)

The Board expects students to conduct themselves in an orderly, courteous, dignified and respectful manner. This requirement refers to their actions toward other students and teachers, their language, their dress and their manners. The Board believes self-discipline is an interpersonal goal of public education.
Students have a responsibility to know and respect the policies, rules and regulations of the school and District. Violations of such policies, rules and regulations will result in disciplinary actions. The Board directs students to the District’s Behavior Code set forth in this policy and the student handbook for their individual school. The Board authorizes its school authorities to employ probation and suspension and to recommend expulsion, if necessary, to enforce this policy.
It is the philosophy of the District to handle all student disciplinary matters at the lowest supervisory level possible and in the most reasonable manner possible. Disciplinary action will be taken in accordance with appropriate procedural rights being afforded to students and their parents/guardians as provided by state law, State Board of Education regulation, and/or the policies of this District.
The Board and the administration offer the following listing of offenses and the required or recommended dispositions for the information of students, parents/legal guardians and school personnel.
Application of this Policy
The following rules regarding student conduct are in effect during the following times and in the following places: 

Student Conduct Away from School Grounds or School Activities
The Board expects administrators to take appropriate action when information becomes available about student misconduct away from school grounds or school activities that may have a direct and detrimental effect on or seriously threaten the discipline, educational environment, safety or general welfare of students, faculty, staff and/or administrators of the District. When assessing the impact of out-of-school behavior on a District school, the administrator should take into consideration the seriousness of the alleged out-of-school offense and the protection of students, faculty, staff and administrators from the effects of violence, drugs and/or disruptions.
Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying
(Summary of Policy JCDAG)
As provided in the South Carolina Safe School Climate Act, the District prohibits acts of harassment, intimidation or bullying of a student by another student or students, staff, or third parties that interfere with or disrupt a student’s ability to learn and the school’s responsibility to educate its students in a safe and orderly environment whether in a classroom, on school premises, on a school bus or other school-related vehicle, at an official school bus stop, at a school-sponsored activity or event, whether or not it is held on school premises, or at another program or function where the school is responsible for the student.
The District expects students to conduct themselves in an orderly, courteous, dignified and respectful manner. Students and employees have a responsibility to know and respect the policies, rules and regulations of the school and District.
“Harassment, intimidation, or bullying” is defined as a gesture, an electronic communication, or a written, verbal, physical, or sexual act that a reasonable person should know will have the effect of:

  1.  arming a student, physically or emotionally, or damaging a student’s property, or placing a student in reasonable fear of personal harm or damage to his property; or
  2. insulting or demeaning a student or group of students in such a way as to cause substantial disruption in, or substantial interference with, the orderly operation of the school.

Any student who believes he/she has been subject to harassment, intimidation, or bullying should file a complaint with the principal or his or her designee. Such a complaint may also be filed by a student’s parent. If an employee receives a complaint of harassment, intimidation, or bullying or observes any behavior which could amount to harassment, intimidation, or bullying, the employee must transmit the complaint to the school’s principal or other designated contact person as soon as practicable.
Reporting Bullying, Discrimination, Harassment and Intimidation
The District is committed to fostering an environment that both promotes learning and prevents disruptions in the educational process. Accordingly, the District prohibits all forms of bullying, discrimination, harassment, or intimidation. As provided in Board Policy and Administrative Rule JCDAG, students and parents may file a report of bullying, discrimination, harassment or intimidation by other students, employees of the District, or third parties involved in the school setting.
All reports should be filed with the principal or his or her designee. Reports may also be filed by a student’s parent. If the allegation is against the school’s administration, the student or parent should file a report directly with the District’s Parent Resource Representative. (See Policy JA for contact information).  Anonymous reports may be made, but those reports must provide the District with adequate information in order to begin an investigation.
Investigations and Consequences
All reports will be investigated promptly, thoroughly, and confidentially. The investigation shall include appropriate steps to determine what occurred and to take actions reasonably calculated to end the harassment, intimidation or bullying, and prevent such misconduct from occurring again. The student and his/her parent shall be informed of the results of the investigation and shall be advised how to report any subsequent problems. However, any discipline of students or staff shall remain confidential.
If the investigation determines that inappropriate conduct has occurred, the administration shall take reasonable, timely, age-appropriate, and effective corrective action. Examples of corrective action include, but are not limited to, disciplinary action against the aggressor, up to and including termination of an employee or expulsion of a student.
The District prohibits retaliation or reprisal in any form against a student or employee who has filed a report. The District also prohibits any person from falsely accusing another person.
Notification of the outcome of the investigation will be issued in writing to the complainant and the complainant will be informed of the right to appeal. An appeal related to disability discrimination or harassment should be made to the District’s 504 Coordinator. An appeal regarding color, race, or national origin should be made to the District’s Title VI Coordinator. An appeal regarding sexual harassment, or gender discrimination should be made to the District’s Title IX Coordinator. (See Policy JA for contact information). A complainant may then appeal the decision of the coordinator to the Superintendent or his or her designee.
For a complete copy of the District’s Policy, Administrative Rule, and report form referenced above, please see the online link below to the Greenville County Schools Board Policies and Administrative Rules. You
For a complete copy of the District’s Policy, Administrative Rule, and report form referenced above, please see the online link below to the Greenville County Schools Board Policies and Administrative Rules. You may also receive a copy of Policy JCDAG, Administrative Rule JCDAG, or the report form from your school upon request.
Weapons in School
(Summary of Policy JCDAA)
While on school grounds, in school buildings, on buses or at school-related functions, students will not possess any item capable of inflicting injury or harm (hereinafter referred to as a weapon) to persons or property when that item is not used in relation to a normal school activity at a scheduled time for the student. No vehicles parked on school property may contain firearms, knives, blackjacks, or other items which are generally considered to be weapons. In addition to disciplinary action, having a weapon is a felony offense.
Due to a lot of inappropriate behavior and activities on our campus, damaging of our students' playground equipment, and vandalism, NO TRESPASS signs are posted on the campus.  Please be advised that under no circumstances NO ONE should be on the campus after school hours, which includes weekends.


Cherrydale Elementary School
Contact Information

School Office – (864) 355-3300 
Principal ______________________________________________ 355-3312
(Mrs. Debra Johnson)
Administrative Assistant __________________________________ 355-3344
(Mrs. O'Toole)
Secretary/Bookkeeper____________________________________ 355-3312
(Mrs. Beverly King)
Clerk/Registrar__________________________________________ 355-3300
(Mr. Daniel Franks)
School Counselor________________________________________ 355-3304
(Ms. Thaya Posley)
School Social Worker_____________________________________355-3353
(Mr. Tommy Loftis)
Title I Facilitator__________________________________________355-3348
(Ms. Michelle Calwile)
Media Center____________________________________________355-3305
(Mrs. Michele Gregg)
Nurse _________________________________________________ 355-3307
(Ms. Melaine Conner)
Cafeteria _______________________________________________ 355-3363
(Mr. Patrick Timothy)
Please be advised, that the school's Principal may make any necessary changes, additions or deletions to the student handbook to fit the needs of Cherrydale's Educational Environment.