Sans Souci and Cone History

Sans Souci

Herman Cone and his brother HenryThe school was founded in 1958 as an elementary school for students in grades K5 - grade 8. It was built using the “Florida Style Plan” with six permanent buildings on a fourteen acre site located near the intersection of Old  Buncombe Road and Cedar Lane Road.  The land was donated in part by the Cone family in memory of Mr. Herman Cone, a former executive of Cone Mills.  The school was then named in honor of  Mr. Cone.
When the school opened in 1958, the staff consisted of teachers from the old American Spinning School.  The pupils attending the new school came from the old American Spinning School, Monaview School, and Sans Souci School.  In the fall of 1964 the students from Park Place School were placed at Cone following the closing of that school.  Also, students attending the Poe Mill School were assigned to Cone following  that school’s closing in 1965.  For a  period of six years, children who finished the sixth grade at Monaview were sent to Cone to attend the  seventh grade.
This institution of learning has been led by a number of outstanding principals in its forty-four years of existence. Mrs. Lollie T. Hines was the first principal.  She was followed by Mr. William W. Washington, Mr. Harold Turner, Mr. Robert T.  Jones, Mr. Lindsey D. Cole, III and Mr. James L Gardner.  The school’s surrounding community included a thriving textile community.  Families lived, worked, shopped, and were educated all within this community.  Many families lived in “mill houses” which were within walking distance of the school.  In recent years, the school and community has evolved as many of the surrounding businesses have closed or relocated.  The neighborhood has been revitalized by the building of numerous “Habitat for Humanity “ homes.  
In August 2000, this institution began its first year as a primary school specifically addressing the needs of students in grades K4 – grade 2. In 2003-2004, Cone Primary and Sans Souci Intermediate School were consolidated into one school on the Cone campus.  A new school building is being constructed at the old Sans Souci campus at 302 Perry Road.  On December 9, 2003, the Greenville County School Board of Trustees voted to rename the school Cherrydale Elementary for 2004-2005 school year.

Cone/Sans Souci Scrapbook

Cone / Sans Souci is seeking the community's help in creating a scrapbook to preserve the history of the school.  We need old photographs of students, classes, faculty members, events and other activities that have occurred through the years at Cone or Sans Souci Schools.  Betsy Poole, a 4K teaching assistant, is coordinating the scrapbook project.  For more information about donating photographs and other items, call 241-3414.