School Wide Behavior Plan

ClassDojo helps manage student behavior and build positive learning habits by providing real-time feedback loops that recognize and reinforce students’ specific behaviors, values, and accomplishments.  ClassDojo gives teachers and the school the option of updating behavior instantaneously using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone and can be displayed via computer, projector, or interactive whiteboard.  The availability of data engages students and helps actively shape behavior, thus creating a more positive learning environment in the classroom.


ClassDojo also automatically generates behavior reports that teachers can send home to parents or share with students.  These reports have given parents and students insight into the classroom that hadn’t been previously available. We believe that providing students with feedback has allowed learning to flourish in our school and classrooms, increasing students’ positive behavior and intrinsic motivation.

Your teacher will provide you with a code that is specific to your student.  You will use that code to register on the website, for free, to received the real time and weekly reports about your student's behavior.  Your teacher can also message your Dojo account, which is free, about topics such as reminders for fileld trips and activities or important information.  Students will also received and exclusive code to acess their own account to track their progress, see where and what they need to improve on, message the teacher, and personalize thier avatar.

Follow this link to Class Dojo's website and use your code to register today!