eLearning & Student Wellbeing:

Our main priority, right now, is the well-being of our students. We recognize the start of the school year has been quite a transition, for both students and their teachers. We hope the following practices will support students during their eLearning days:

More importantly, students should spend approximately 25-35 minutes for each class period. We recognize some students will finish in less time, and others may need a little more time, but certainly no more than 45 minutes per class. We do not want students spending hours and hours on a class period; this is simply way too much. If this is happening, please contact your student's teacher and/or school counselor or administrator. We recognize the need for balance. We want this year to be as positive as possible!

eLearning Resources:

The following links can be accessed to support parents and students through eLearning:

eLearning Guide for Parents & Students
Parent Video Guide to Google Classroom
Google Guardian Feature
Parents' Guide to Google ClassroomLa guía de los padres para Aula de Google
Accessing Google Classroom Files and Websites while Offline
Directions  to Authenticate Your Chromebook for use off campus 

eLearning Grading:

Grading will follow the normal weights and percentages for both in-person and eLearning. Students should access lessons and assignments through Google Classroom using their student username@greenvilleschools.us account. Teachers, counselors, and administrators will be monitoring student engagement and will make contact with any student who has not been online or in touch with their teacher.

eLearning / At Home Daily Schedule:

By 8:00 AM:


Tech Issues:

Download Assignments & Work Offline (without Internet) - All district schools have Wi-Fi access in the parking lot near the building all day between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. There is no need to go to a specific school – just go to the GCS building that is most convenient to you. Students needing Internet can also connect between 10 a.m. – noon at any of the meal delivery sites listed on our website at www.greenville.k12.sc.us. Though Internet access is needed to download or turn in electronic assignments, once those are downloaded, students can work on the material offline. All students grade 3 through 12 should participate in eLearning IF AT ALL POSSIBLE. 

While working offline, DO NOT CLOSE ANY TABS UNTIL YOU ARE FINISHED AND RECONNECTED TO THE INTERNET and progress has been saved. You could lose all of your work otherwise

Directions for Getting Materials While Connected to WiFi - (Remember, While away from WiFi, DO NOT CLOSE ANY TABS UNTIL YOU ARE FINISHED AND RECONNECTED TO THE INTERNET and progress has been saved. You could lose all of your work otherwise)
   1. Connect to the internet (GCS).
   2. Go to each teacher’s Google classroom
   3. Open each individual teacher’s virtual eLearning document.
   4. Make sure all documents are completely loaded and open.
   5. You must have each assignment open in an individual tab before you leave the WiFi range.
   6. Once you leave, you will be able to view, type, & edit documents that you previously opened. You will not be able to open any links once you leave WiFi range. 

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