Communities in Schools Afterschool Program

Communities in Schools HomepageWho We Are

The Communities In Schools Afterschool Program is a leading community-based organization that has partnered with Chandler Creek Elementary to help empower students to succeed in school, and achieve in life.

What We Do

We work with students in grades 3rd, 4th, and 5th to address academic and social needs. Our Afterschool staff works alongside students to provide them with the resources they need to challenge themselves.

What Happens in Afterschool

A typical Afterschool day begins with a team building activity focusing on active listening and communication skills. Next, we move onto homework hour! Students are divided into three core groups, working closely with the teachers and America Reads volunteers to concentrate on subjects they are having difficultly with. Following this is a mini-lesson in which the teachers use project-based learning to provide a themed activity following SC standards that will focus on math, science, and social studies. Lastly, students have the opportunity to earn a brief period of recess if good behavior has been demonstrated throughout program activities.

What We Provide: The 5 Basics

Frequently Asked Questions

How can my child get into Afterschool? The eligibility for the Afterschool Program is based on student grades and teacher recommendation. Your student must also be in 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade. For more information, please contact CIS Afterschool Program Coordinator at 355-2419.

Does the Afterschool Program Cost Anything? None

How many days a week is the Afterschool Program? The Communities in Schools Afterschool Program is Monday-Friday 2:30pm to 5:00pm.

What if I cannot pick my student up from the program? We have a bus that takes our students home as well.

What if my student has a sports practice on Thursday afternoons? If practice is only one day a week and a copy of the sports schedule can be provided, your student may be excused for this. Students are only allotted one excused absence per week.

How You Can Help

Volunteer your time for kids with the Communities in Schools Afterschool Program! There is no better way to help young kids succeed in school than to become a tutor or mentor! This is a great way to dedicate yourself to a cause that makes a lasting impact on students. For more information please contact 355-2419.