Student Council Representative

Student Council would like to thank everyone for their hard work in last week’s elections. We are  excited to announce the complete list of Student Council officers and student representatives: 


President: Lauren Ludwick 

Vice-President: Lillie Cate Lea 

Treasurer: Brittany Lane

Secretary: Katie Farr 

Student Council Representatives


6-1: Logan Booth

6-2: Marley Watson

6-3: Ava Alonso

7-1: Elizabeth Hiner

7-2: Shaun Kinnuen

7-3: Kaylyn Crabtree

8-1: Taylor Harris

8-2: Faith Leppard

8-3: Skye Leitch

Congratulations to the newest members of Blue Ridge Middle School’s Student Council and an amazing round of applause for every single participant!

Student Council Committee