Academic Team

The academic team takes all comers.  Usually the first week of September we announce that any student interested in participating come to informational sessions.  Any student still interested afterward, is on the team.

The team, currently at about 10 students, usually competes in groups of 6:  4 starters and 2 alternates.  Every student who attends competitions plays.  We alternate students in and out of the competitions at the end of rounds, or games.  Depending on the number of students planning to participate, we take either one or two teams to most competitions.  Some competitions have JV parts, and if we can field a JV team we bring a team.

Competitions are usually sponsored by either a high school or a college.  The schools participating are usually local, within a hundred miles.  At the Dorman competition, however, schools from all over the south come to participate.  We have competed against high schools from Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, and Kentucky.  One competition, sponsored by the district office, is strictly for district supported schools.  This includes Greenville Tech Charter.

Questions can be anything.  We get current events, sports, entertainment, math, science, art, ballet, opera, etc.  To prepare for competitions we usually play each other with questions from past competitions.  If Mrs. Schnauffer or I think of a related tidbit of information as we go through questions, we discuss it with the students.  The level of the questions of the academic questions basically covers up to AP courses.

Some competitions recognize individuals, but for most it is just a team competition.  Teams receive trophies or plaques.