Instructor: Scott Chandler
(864) 355-8263

Automotive Program

Are you fascinated by cars and want to build a career around them? Are you interested in a highly technical and demanding career with many levels of professional certification and opportunities to succeed? The AYES - NATEF - ASE board certified Auto Technology program at Bonds Career Center can help you. After you study how to make repairs, you will have opportunities to work on other people’s cars using the newest technologies and leading toward paid technical employment while still in high school. This program is the first and only Auto Technology program in the school district to become nationally certified by ASE. Students who successfully complete all four semesters will receive a diploma bearing the ASE logo. The advantage to this diploma is when attending an ASE accredited technical school, you can exempt up to four courses.

Course Description

Automotive Technology teaches the fundamentals of modern computer-controlled autos by allowing students to work on computers, test equipment, and mock-ups prior to under-taking actual repair jobs. Under the supervision of the instructor, ASE board certified Master Technician, John Romano, students perform repair work on selected jobs brought into the automotive technology shop. The students become skilled in locating and diagnosing problems and making repairs on all makes and models of automobiles. The working conditions, current computer databases, and equipment (including a new 1,200 HP chassis dynamometer) found in the auto technology shop exceed those found in most commercial auto service departments

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