Sunday, July 21, 2019
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 A Visit from Coach Golden

The practice of making smart choices/making smart decisions as it regards to ones academic achievement, bullying and knowing your self-worth can be complex and broad, especially for 3rd through 5th graders.   As such, students should be given many opportunities to assist them in their goals in doing making smarter decisions; setting goals that really drive them to become productive learners.

Coach Shaun Golden, a former basketball star from this area who believes in student success.  Mr. Golden works in collaboration with our local McDonald's. They provided an incentive card for students to set and accomplish their goals.

He spoke to Brook Glenn's 3-5th grade students.  Coach Golden talked about setting goals;

* making good choices in school academically and behaviorally.  He connected his experience with school and sports and how we present ourselves to others. 

* Good grades = success in scholarships;

* Good sportsmanship = success in sports

* Good presentation = success in jobs.. ; 

* He talked about how a business person might perceive someone looking for a job.  He provided the following example.  Would you buy a can of green beans that are dented up and the label is torn and dirty?  The student said he would buy the can that looks great. 


Brook Glenn Elementary was very fortunate in having Coach Golden here, it’s an assembly the students won’t soon forget.