“What do you want to be when you grow up?” is a question teachers often ask their students and the answers are limited only by their imaginations: superheroes, rock stars, doctors, teachers, and firefighters to name a few. This list normally narrows once students are exposed and or influenced by careers encountered through family, friends, and school.

During the week of May 15-19, Brook Glenn Elementary celebrated “Oh, the Places You'll Go" Career Week. Community helpers were invited to speak about their careers or jobs and about what led them to their chosen fields. Our speakers provided hands-on activities which gave students the opportunity to ask questions and explore their interests in more depth. Our fourth grade students were given the opportunity to select a career, research the career, record valuable information (education required, job responsibilities, salary) on poster board and shared this valuable insight with our younger students as they rotated from career to career. The week culminated with a "Career Dress-up Day" to reflect the student's' chosen profession. The goal was simple — building a strong foundation by determining students’ interests and uses them to find their career path. Brook Glenn continues to diligently follow district-wide objectives ensuring all students are college and career ready.

Thank you to all our guests; Brook Glenn’s fourth grade students, firefighters, police officers, authors and all the other professionals that volunteered. A special thank you to our school counselor Gina Jones and our media specialist Kathryn Tarr, their invaluable service, dedication, and initiative made this week possible. It's a week the students of Brook Glenn will not soon forget.

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