Why Uniforms

Last year, Berea Middle School implemented a unified dress code policy. A unified dress code can assist in teaching students to dress smartly and to take pride in their appearance, in preparation for learning and future careers. The use of unified dress code can also foster of solidarity among students, while also promoting an environment of equality and respect.  

What Can Students Wear

SHIRTS:  All shirts must be of a SOLID color. Approved collared shirt colors are: green, gold, black, white, and grayAll collared shirts must be polo-style and may only have a logo that is smaller than three inches in diameter. Students may also elect to wear "Berea" logo t-shirts in lieu of a collared shirt, in any color of their choice. In addition to local retail stores, “Berea” logo t-shirts may be purchased in our school store and come in a variety of colors. All shirts must have sleeves. 

Undershirts and other undergarments must be in an approved school color if exposed (green, gold, black, white or gray).

All shirts must cover all skin at the midriff, especially when sitting or raising hands.

PANTS & SHORTS: Students may wear khaki or cargo style pants or shorts that are either black, navy blue, or khaki in color. Pants must fit and be worn at the hip. Pants may not expose underwear. Shorts must be within three inches from the top of the knee or longer.

SKIRTS & JUMPERS:  Skirts and jumpers may also be worn. Approved colors are black, navy blue, and khaki. These must also be within three inches from the top of the knee or longer.

COATS / JACKETS / HOODIES: Students may wear any coats, jackets, or hoodies to school. However, coats may not be worn to class.  Hoodies and/or jackets that are worn inside the building, must be Berea Middle School Hoodies/Jackets. 

SHOES: Shoes must be worn at all times. Flip-flops, slides, and bedroom shoes are not permitted.

*On special dress up days, the principal will announce the day’s specific dress code guidelines.


How Can I Help?

Berea Middle School will be happy and grateful to receive clothing donations or monetary donations to assist families in acquiring school uniforms. Please make checks out to Berea Middle School with School Uniforms in the memo.  

 *If you have any concerns or would like to receive assistance with schooluniforms, please call 355-1700. 

Información sobre uniformes en español