Principal's Message

Robin MillDear Students and Parents,

As we begin 2017 - 2018 school year at Berea Middle School, let me explain to you my A, B, C’s: Actions Bring Consequences. The choices that you make now affect your future. Positive choices and actions bring positive consequences. The opposite is also true.

Teachers and administrators have been working to make this school year the best for you. It is our job to give you the skills to be successful in school, which is the first part of our vision statement, Success for Today. It is also our job to prepare our students to be productive members of society, whether that will be in higher education or the work force, the second part of our vision statement, Preparation for Tomorrow. We also strive to instill in our students a love of learning, the final part of our vision statement, Learning for a Lifetime.

Hard work, organization, and education will afford you many opportunities for success now and in the future.
Good luck this year. Strive to make it your best school year yet. Remember,

Hard Work … Pays Off!

Robin B. Mill