The Dell Chromebook 11 is easy to use and boots up in just seconds. Built-in multiple layers of security help keep students safe from viruses and malware. In addition, updates happen automatically -- for free! You will never need to purchase or install upgrades manually.

The Chrome OS and Chrome browser get students online in an instant and loads web pages in seconds, and the battery provides up to 10.5 hours of power.


Students will...


Beck International Academy highly recommends that students purchase cases for their Chromebooks. Sleeves and snap-on covers are inexpensive, but they tend to provide only minimal protection for general wear-and-tear. A hard case, while costing a little more, will provide better protection against potential breaks caused by impact. All of these options, in addition to protection, provide students the opportunity to "personalize" their Chromebooks, making them easy to identify in case one should be misplaced while at school. The size of our Chromebooks is 11.6".

The case listed below can be found on amazon and offers a higher level of protection:

MAX Cases Extreme Shell for DELL 11" Chromebook 3180, Dual Layer Protective Shell, Custom co-molded, lightweight Design offers Shock & Impact Protection From Drops, Scratches, Wear & Tear – Black


Each year, students will pay a technology fee in order to receive repair warranty coverage for their Chromebooks. The fee is $25 per student, $15 for students on reduced lunch and $5 for students who receive free lunch. It is based on the 18-19 free / reduced lunch information.

Chromebook Repair Warranty

The Dell Chromebooks that have been purchased by Greenville County School District are covered by a 3-year parts and labor warranty. This warranty covers the machines for hardware failures, such as:

Students will also receive coverage for ONE incident of accidental damage per year. Examples include the following:

*Please note, again, that students WILL NOT receive free repair coverage for more than one damaged or cracked screen per school year.

Click here to complete a Chromebook Repair Request.

What the Technology Fee Does Not Cover

The following are examples of incidents not covered by the Dell warranty or Accidental Damage Protection. Should the following occur, the repair or replacement cost will need to be paid by the student and parent(s).

Chromebook Repair

For minor repairs or first incident of accidental damage:

Students who have an issue that requires repair will need to complete the Chromebook Repair form and bring their Chromebook to the media center during advisory (8:30-9:00) or lunch

Chromebooks will not be accepted at any other times during the day.

While the Chromebook is being repaired, students will have access to a Chromebook in each academic class but will not have a device to take home.

Students will not be issued loaner Chromebooks unless there is an ongoing technical issue that was not caused by the user that will require an extended period of time for repair.  

For uncovered repairs:

Students who incur more than one cracked screen or any additional damages per school year will be required to pay for the repair costs - including full replacement costs of the Chromebook if applicable.

Students will not be issued any replacement until the repair costs have been paid in full.


Please click here for instructions on how to work offline from home.