PTA Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteer Coordinator: Mary Ellen Pitts-

Please see the district's guidelines on volunteering here.  In order to volunteer in the school or chaperone a field trip, you will need to complete the volunteer application found on the district website.  

Click here to sign up for one or more of our Volunteer Committees!

There are many ways to volunteer at Brushy Creek. Volunteers make all of our events possible. Below are some of the current opportunities available.

Volunteer Hours: When you come to the school to volunteer let the office staff know you are there to volunteer. They will make sure to choose that option when they sign you in. When you volunteer from home, please be sure to notify our volunteer coordinator so that she can log in your hours. We are required to turn in our volunteer hours to the state PTA and want to make sure every hour is counted! Thanks for your help!

Please note: Depending on what you are volunteering to do you may be subject to a background check.